Architect Quote

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We've built this tool to so you can find out how much it will cost to design a great home. After just 10 simple questions you'll get a no-strings attached quote for the design work required.


What type of building work do you have in mind?

Do you have an empty plot and want your own grand design or are you creating your dream home by extending your existing property or simply improving your interiors with a refurbishment?

Do you have a survey of the building?

When working with an existing building it's best to start with accurate measurements. If you don't have drawings, even plans from an estate agent can be a starting point. If you have neither we can always survey the building ourselves.

Do you have a fixed design idea in mind?

If you've got an idea already figured out we can help you realise it. We also take pride in coming up with solutions you might not have thought of.

Are you planning any works in the garden?

A new build usually requires some landscaping work & an extension can provide an opportunity to improve the relationship with the garden or add that covered seating area you've always wanted.

Is your home a listed building?

If your building is listed or in a conservation area the planning department will need more detailed drawings of your scheme. The only negative aspect of living in a beautiful historic area!

How bespoke a solution are you expecting?

If you want a truly bespoke solution your architect can make sure that every tile, light fitting and detail is carefully considered. They can also tailor just a few of those details to give you a unique arrangement. An off the shelf solution might be best when you want to take control of the interiors yourself.

How much control do you need over the budget?

Strict budget control requires a fully resolved design before you start building. Taking decisions on site saves on fees but requires a more flexible budget.

Does your project include design of a new kitchen and/or bathroom?

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most costly rooms in a house so need to be be designed well.

Do you have a builder in mind?

Using a trusted builder really helps when embarking on a building project. If you know and trust someone that will certainly help but if not we'll help you chose the right team for the job.

Do you want to manage the builder or let a professional do it?

You may be happy managing the construction site and overseeing the builders, or you may find that daunting or overly time consuming. We can be involved as much or as little as you want.